Weight Management

This is a personalised service focused on improving your relationship and behaviour with food. With this service I will factor in your work, travel, family and time constraints. I recognise that, in nutrition, not one size fits all and each programme will be tailored to your individual needs. 

Learn how to:

Understand your food requirements

Lose weight easily & effectively

Be flexible in your lifestyle & still stay on track

Make informed decisions that will improve your health & wellbeing

I’m looking for people who are:

  • Not looking for a quick fix

  • Understand nutrition is a long-term investment

  • Willing to be critical with themselves

  • Committed to making lifestyle changes

What Happens in Your Programme?

1. You complete your pre-consultation form and book a time for your initial consultation

2. We discuss your barriers, goals, lifestyle and work together to create your action plan

3. Within 5 working days you will receive your tailored nutrition & action plan

4. Your nutrition & health tracker will be set up for improved accountability

5. Every Monday I will check in via email and make any necessary adjustments to your plan

(advanced clients can check in daily)

6. Receive useful infographics/documents for support on your journey

7. You own it.

Book in for your free 30-minute consultation to find out how I can support you for you goals

For further details on any of these services, please contact me directly